Swipe Dial - Speed Dial Widget

Make your iPhone the best phone it could be.

The best Speed Dial Widget for iOS,
providing the quickest way to make a phone call.

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Make your iPhone a better phone.

Access Anywhere

Your favorite contacts are now just a swipe away, no matter what app you're already in.

Custom Photos

Make it easy to distinguish between your contact's different numbers by using different photos.

Custom Labels

Edit your contact's name and label as you need. You're not tied to what's in your Contacts app.

Available Upgrades

Swipe Dial also has these available features.

Unlimited Contacts

Add as many contacts as your device supports. Bigger phone sizes allow more contacts in your widget.

Send SMS

Set up Speed Dial shortcuts that go straight to the Message app for your chosen contact.

Dial Pad

Dial any number from any screen, via the Swipe Dial widget, with options to call, text, or FaceTime.

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